The Bull Terrier was in the middle of the 19th century bred as a fighting dog against bulls and each other, but soon became a popular dog in the higher classes, which resulted in the friendly, peaceful characteristic Bull Terrier that we know today.

The Bull Terrier is not a dog for everyone, they are stubborn, willful, destructive and real clown. You have to stand fermly in the shoes and have a lot of patience to this race to educate it to a social dog. When bored they may like to demolish. Yet it is a friendly, spontaneous and cheerful dog especially in their youth literally a game can break. They are brave and physically very hard on themselves, almost insensitive to pain causing a disease often only at a later stage is detected. Bull Terriers can usually find excellent with children, they are very tolerant and can take a beating. With young children you have to be a little careful because their enthusiasm about his often impetuous.

The education of the dog started at a very young age, once mature, they are too strong and reckless for them to be corrected. The Bull Terrier is intelliggent and can learn quickly, but also stubborn so they sometimes do not do what you want. A varied training prevents the dog loses interest. To go to a good puppy training  is therefore recommended.

Breed Standard

General: Strongly built, muscular, well balanced and active with a keen,
determined and intelligent expression. The Bull Terrier is the gladiator of the canine race, full of fire and courageous with an even temperament and amenable to discipline.

Coat: Short hair, even and harsh to the touch (a woolly undercoat may be present in winter), with a nice glans.De skin fits the dog tightly.

Head: Long head is strong and deep right to end of muzzle, but not coarse. From front egg shaped free of dents and cavities. Relatively flat between the ears

Eyes: Small obliquely placed and triangular, black or as dark brown as possible with a shimmer.

Ears: Small, thin and placed close together, stiffly erect to above

Mouth / Teeth: Strong teeth cleaning of good size, regular well-ranged teeth.

Body: Short and strong back, broad, well muscled loins, short tail low, horizontal, thick at the base and ends in a punt.Van front the broad chest with well sprung ribs. Well angulated legs, parallel to each other with solid round and heavy bone, long front legs should be approximately equal to the depth of chest. Sturdy round feet with well arched toes. Very muscular neck, long and curved free from loose dewlap.